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Summary and Purpose

The EOA utilizes committees to oversee maintenance, operations, events and improvements within the community. The EOA Declaration and By-laws establish an Architectural Review Committee (ARC), and additional committees have been established in accordance with the terms of the resolution of the Board. Committees are chaired by one or more board members and are comprised of resident volunteers.

  • More information can be found in the Edgewater Standard Operating Procedures found on the Governing Documents page.
  • A more detailed listing of the committees and their members can be found on the Committee Directory page.
Following are the standing committees and a summary of their purpose.

Grounds and Lake Committee
versee the maintenance and repair of the EOA’s common areas (i.e. community and subdivision entrances, etc).
-Organizes projects for grounds improvements.
-Over see the
health, welfare and use of Lady Ann Lake.

Architectural Review and Covenants Committee
-Perform architectural standards review required by the Covenants Article VI, Section 10.
-Maintain and update the Architectural Standards and Homeowner Use Restrictions (ASHUR, or commonly referred to as the Blue Book)

-Oversee the contract for covenants enforcement, reviews violations when requested, and advises the Board regarding recommended sanctions.

Clubhouse and Recreational Facilities Committee
-Oversee the health, welfare and use of the EOA Clubhouse, Exercise Rooms, Playgrounds, Tennis Courts and Pools. 

Community Affairs Committee
-Organize events that are fun for all and provide the opportunity to get to know each other and strengthen the community.

Budget and Finance
-Develop an annual operating budget for the Association n coordination with the chairs of the various committees and the President and Vice-President.

Long Range Planning Committee
-Develop, review and maintain the EOA Long Range Plan. The “Plan” provides a vision for the Association and its facilities and properties using a five, ten and fifteen year look into the future.