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EOA Board of Directors

Board Charter

The Edgewater Owner’s Association is managed by a Board of Directors, who are resident volunteers elected to serve the community, as well as lead several committees addressing the various aspects of the Edgewater community.
  • Vision:  Edgewater is a warm, inviting, vibrant, and neighborly community, and one of the most desired residential communities in Madison County
  • Mission Statement:  The EOA Board of Directors earns value for the Association by: encouraging and enhancing the sense of community, protecting and enhancing property values for residents, maintaining and improving the infrastructure, facilities, equipment and property of the Association; and by conserving resources, protecting the environment and promoting a high quality of life — all in a fiscally responsible and balanced manner.
  • Goals:
    • Support a high residential quality of life
    • Provide visually appealing, inviting and safe environment, grounds and facilities
    • Provide EOA Members with financial security (peace of mind) through diligent forecasting and budgeting of future costs.