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ARC Forms & Applications

Process for Architectural Review

Remember, if you have a project that will affect or alter the exterior of your home or landscaping, the EOA Covenants require that you obtain approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  You can use the online application, or print out and submit the appropriate forms contained below.

Fence Colors

Fence colors for wood fences are addressed in the Blue Book section  To summarize:

  • Fence colors must be approved by the ARC
  • Fences along Edgewater Drive:  MUST be painted Behr Jones Fence Cedar (see office for sample)
  • Fences in Fox Bend:  MUST be painted Sherwin Williams Cottonwood (SW 3040)

For all other fences, a list of suggested wood fence colors which have been approved in the past are provided below.  Again, please contact the ARC once you have selected a fence color (see “Process for Architectural Review” above).

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